Recommended for First-Years

Fall 2019

URBS UN1515 — Introduction to Urban Studies

Prof. Aaron Passell

3 credits

This course is intended to be both an interdisciplinary introduction to the city and to the field of Urban Studies.  As an introduction to the city, the course will address a variety of questions: What is a city?  How did cities develop? How do cities function socially, politically, and economically? Why do people live in cities? What are some of the major issues facing cities in the early twenty-first century, and how can cities address these issues? 

URBS UN3565 — Cities in Developing Countries


3 credits

Examination of cities in developing countries, with a focus on environment, employment, and housing. Four cases will be studied: Sao Paulo, Brazil; Johannesburg, South Africa; Bombay, India; and Shanghai, China. We will consider urbanization patterns and the attendant issues, the impact of global economic trends, and governmental and non-governmental responses.