Senior Thesis Funding

Barnard and Columbia students:

  • Earth Institute Travel Grant
    "...funding to support travel for current Columbia University students who are engaged in research projects dealing with issues of sustainable development and the environment." "The maximum travel grant award is up to $750 per person." 

Barnard College students:

  • Tow Fellowships
    " travel related to research for the senior thesis. Candidates apply to the Committee on Honors (CoH) in the spring of their junior year to seek support for travel that will take place during the summer between the junior and senior years. The awards generally range from $1,000 - $4,000."

  • Lucyle Hook Travel Grants
    "provide funding for travel related to research for the Barnard senior thesis... The award amount varies, but normally ranges from $100-$500. Candidates apply to the Faculty Committee on Honors, which typically awards four or five grants each year.  

Columbia College students:

  • Columbia College Senior Thesis Funding
    "Columbia College is able to provide a small resarch fund to students conducting approved research for their senior theses. Once approved you may receive, on a reimbursement basis, up to $500 towards the costs of undertaking your research."

General Studies students:

  • General Studies Senior Thesis Funding
    "The School of General Studies offers a small stipend ($250) to defray associated expenses for GS seniors working on a senior thesis or honors project."