Requirement E


Requirement E is the pair of Urban Studies Junior Seminar:

  • URBS UN3545 — The Shaping of the Modern City
    An introduction to the historical process and social consequences of urban growth from the middle of the nineteenth century to the present.
  • URBS UN3546 — Contemporary Urban Issues
    An evaluation of current political, economic, social, cultural, and physical forces that are shaping urban areas.
  • You are required to take both Junior Seminars (though not necessarily in sequence, if you’re studying abroad; see below).
  • You must complete at least two of your ‘A’ courses before taking the Junior Seminar.
  • In order to guarantee small classes, the seminars are limited to 15 students per section.
  • The Urban Studies program will sometimes create new sections, or request that students enroll in different sections, in order to keep the class sizes small and evenly-distributed.
  • Non-majors are occasionally admitted to the seminar as space permits, but only by permission of the instructor.
  • You must attend the first class session to secure your position on the roster.
  • For Barnard students, URBS UN3545 — The Shaping of the Modern City fulfills the Barnard General Education Requirement: Historical Studies (HIST).
  • If you intend to study abroad during your junior year, please see the Program Director during your sophomore year to plan your schedule. Whichever seminar you miss (either URBS UN3545 or UN3546), you will make it up during the first semester of your senior year.