Comprehensive List of Urban Studies Courses



This is the master list of all the courses that have been approved by the Director as fulfilling Requirements A, B, and C in the past.

This list is always subject to change. New courses are added to this list as they are brought to our attention.

Please note that these courses are not necessarily offered every term. Some are no longer being offered. 

'A' Courses
ANTH V2180 — Harlem, "Global Harlem"
ANTH V2180 — Ethnoarchaeology of Cities
ANTH V3500 — Africa: Culture & Society
ANTH V3840 — Urban Life: South Asia
ANTH UN3878 — Neoliberal Urbanism and the Politics of Exclusion
ANTH V3903 — Cities: Ethnoarchaeology/Theory
ANTH V3960 — The Culture of Public Art and Display in New York
ANTH UN3989 — Introduction to Urban Anthropology
AFRS BC3556 — Anthropology of Black America
CSER V3440 — U. S. Cities in Transition
CSER V3440 — The Changing American City
CSER UN3445 — City, Environment, Vulnerability
URBS UN3308 — Introduction to Urban Ethnographies
URBS UN3467 — Excavating the Empire City
URBS UN3725 + UN3726 — New York City's Gilded Ages: Coming of Age, Past & Present
ECON BC3011 — Inequality and Poverty
ECON UN3901 — The Economics of Education
ECON W4230 — Economics of New York City
ECON W4438 — Economics of Race in the US
URBS UN3485 — Urban Political Economy
AFRS BC3528 — Harlem On My Mind: History, Culture, and Political Economy
HIST UN2415 — Immigrant New York
HIST UN2535 — History of the City of New York
HIST W3408 — Emerging Cities: 19th Century Urban History of the Americas and Europe
HIST W3441 — Making the Modern American Landscape
HIST W3449 — American Urban History
HIST W3514 — Immigrants in American History and Life
HIST W3575 — 20th Century Black Urban Politics
HIST BC3676 — Latin America: Migration, Race & Ethnicity
HIST UN3915 — A History of African Cities
HIST BC2408 — Emerging Cities of the 19th Century West
HIST UN2950 — Social History of American Public Health
HIST BC3978 — 20th Century Cities: Americas/Europe
HIST BC3978/BC4973 — 20th Century Cities: Americas/Europe
HIST BC2980 — World Migration
HIST BC3360 — London: From "Great Wen" to World City
HIST BC4323 — The City in Europe
HIST BC4324 — Vienna and the Birth of the Modern
HIST UN3335 — 20th Century New York City History
HIST W4417 — African American Urban History
HIST BC4651 — Jewish Tales From Four Cities: The Immigrant Experience in New York
HIST BC4791 — Lagos: The City
HIST BC3830 — Bombay/Mumbai and its Urban Imaginaries
HIST GU4012 — History of the City in Latin America
MDES 3951 — Postcolonial African Cities
URBS UN3460 — Race, Gender, and Urban Violence
Middle East
UN3331 - Urban Space & Conflict in Middle East
Political Science
INAF U4260 — Critical Issues in Urban Public Policy
POLS BC3210 — Power, Politics, and Policymaking
POLS W3245 — Race and Ethnicity in American Politics
POLS UN3260 — Latinos Political Experience
POLS BC3304 — Politics & Policy in American Federalism
POLS BC3305 — Politics of Urban and Social Policy
POLS UN3213 — American Urban Politics
URBS UN3540 — Urban Governance in New York City
POLS UN3560 — Politics of Urban Develoment in Latin America
URBS UN3315 — Metropolitics of Race & Place
URBS UN3550 — Community Building 
URBS UN3725 + UN3726 — New York City's Gilded Ages: Coming of Age, Past & Present
URBS UN3833 — New York City: Politics and Governing
URBS UN3920 — Social Entrepreneurship
URBS UN3485 -   Urban Political Economy
SOCI V2420 — Race and Place in Urban America
SOCI V3247 — Immigrant Experiences, Old and New
SOCI W3296 — Paris: The Making of a Modern City
SOCI V3324 — Poverty, Inequality, and Policy
SOCI BC3907 — Communities and Social Change
SOCI UN3324 — Global Urbanism
SOCI BC3970 — Race and Place in Urban America
SOCI UN3980 — Immigrant New York
URBS UN3310 — Race, Space and Urban Schools
URBS UN3410 — Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in Urban America
URBS UN3420 — Introduction to Urban Sociology
URBS UN3427 — Imagining and Narrating the Urban
URBS UN3810 — Production, Consumption, and Control of Public Space
URBS UN3820 — Suburbs: Race, Class, Conflict
URBS UN3830 — Eminent Domain and Neighborhood Change
URBS UN3870 — Urban Transportation Revolutions
Urban Studies:
URBS UN3450 — Neighborhood and Community Development
URBS UN3464 — Urban Ecologies and Grand Infrastructure
URBS UN3485 -   Urban Political Economy
URBS UN3440 — Shrinking Cities
URBS UN3480 — Homelessness in NYC
'B' Courses
Africana Studies
AFRS BC3550 — Harlem Seminar: Gay Harlem
American Studies
AMST W3930 — The Cultures of Harlem
ARCH UN1003 — Introduction to Architecture
ARCH UN1010 — Design Futures: New York City
ARCH V3114 — Making the Metropolis
ARCH V3119 — Networks and Ecologies
ARCH V3121 — Urban Praxis: Soc Theory Arch
ARCH A4330 — Urban History I
ARCH A4332 — Eur Urb + Cartography
ARCH A4337 — Polit-Space: Cities, Inst, Space
ARCH UN3130 —  Urban Dislocations and the Architecture of Diasporas
ARCH UN3117 — Modern Architecture in the World
Art History
ARCH UN1007 — Introduction to Architecture
AHIS W3645 — 20th Century Architecture/City Planning
AHIS BC3655 — The Discourse of Public Art and Public Space
AHIS W3930 — Museums, Memory and American Public Culture
AHIS BC3948 — Harlem Renaissance
Comparative Literature (English)
CPLS W3209 — Modern and Postmodern Cities
CLEN W3970 — Modernism and the City
DNCE BC2570 — Dance in New York City
DNCE BC3240  - Seeing the Body: Movement and Physicality in Modern Visual Culture
EDUC BC3052 — Math and the City
EDUC BC3055 — Arts and Humanities in the City: Critical
EDUC BC3058 — Science and the City
ENGL BC3146 — Walk This Way
ENGL BC3184 — House and Home in American Culture
ENGL BC3196 — Harlem Renaissance Literature
ENGL W3237 — Race and Racism
ENGL W3400 — African American Literature I
ENGL W3934/W4621 — The Harlem Renaissance
Environment and Sustainability
EESC UN2300 — Challenges of Sustainable Development
EESC UN2330 — Science for Sustainable Development
EESC BC3026 — Case Study Land—Use Dynamics
EESC BC3032 — Agricultural and Urban Land Use
EESC BC3033 — Waste Management
SUMA K4130 — Sustainable Cities
Human Rights
HRTS W4915 -- Human Rights and Urban Public Space
RELI V2615 — Religions of Harlem
RELI V3604 — Religion in the City
RELI W4620 — Religious Worlds of New York
THTR UN2100 — New York Theatre
Urban Studies
URBS UN3310 — Science and Technology in Urban Environments
URBS UN3530 — Urban Development: A Rubik's Cube of Policy Choices
URBS UN3560 — Land—Use Planning in the U.S.
URBS UN3562 — The City in Beta: Public Participation in the Design Process
URBS UN3565 — Cities in Developing Countries
'C' Courses
ECON BC2411 — Statistics for Economics
ECON BC2590 — Measuring History
ECON BC3018 — Econometrics
Environment and Sustainability
EESC BC3017 — Environmental Data Analysis
SDEV UN3390 — GIS for Sustainable Development
SDEV UN3450 — Spatial Analysis and Modeling for Sustainable Development
EAEE W4009 — GIS: Remote Sensing, Environmental Infrastructure Management
Political Science
POLS BC3100 — Social Scientific Research
POLS BC3222 — Designing Social Inquiry
POLS UN3704 — Data Analysis & Statistics
POLS W4910 — Quantitative Political Research
SOCI W2220 — Evaluation of Evidence
SOCI UN3010 — Methods for Social Research
SOCI W3020 — Social Statistics
SOCI BC3211 — Quantitative Methods
Urban Studies
Note: URBS UN2200 — Intro to GIS fulfills the C requirement
Note: URBS UN3200 — Spatial Analysis: GIS Methods and Urban Case Studies - fulfills C requirement/or elective