Spring 2018 A/B/C Courses

This is only a tentative list of the Spring 2018 courses that fulfill Requirements A, B, and C of the Urban Studies curriculum. This early draft reflects the initial data we were given by the Registrar, but is subject to change as we gather more information.

If you see a course that you think should be included on this list, send the details and syllabus to urban@barnard.edu for consideration.

All 'A,' 'B,' and 'C' courses must be reviewed and approved by the Urban Studies Program Director.

Last updated 11/13/2017.


Requirement A



§ ANTH UN3878 — Neoliberal Urbanism and the Politics of Exclusion


§ ECON BC3011 — Inequality and Poverty


§ HIST UN3915 — A History of African Cities

§ HIST UN2415 — Immigrant New York

§ HIST UN2950 — Social History of American Public Health

Political Science:

§ POLS UN3213 — American Urban Politics


§ SOCI BC3907 — Communities and Social Change

§ URBS UN3420 — Introduction to Urban Sociology

Urban Studies:

§ URBS UN3450 — Neighborhood and Community Development

§ URBS UN3464 — Urban Ecologies and Grand Infrastructure

§ URBS UN3540 — Urban Governance in New York City


Requirement B



§ ARCH UN1010 — Design Futures: New York City

§ ARCH A4332 — Eur Urb + Cartography

Art History:

§ AHIS BC3948 — Harlem Renaissance


§ DNCE BC2570 — Dance in New York City

Environment and Sustainability:

§ SDEV UN2300 — Challenges of Sustainable Development

§ SDEV UN3410 — Urbanization and Sustainability

§ SUMA PS4130 — Sustainable Cities

Urban Studies:

§ URBS UN3530 — Urban Development: A Rubik's Cube of Policy Choices


Requirement C



§ ECON BC2590 — Measuring History

§ ECON BC3018 — Econometrics

Political Science:

§ POLS UN3704 — Data Analysis & Statistics


§ SOCI UN3010 — Methods for Social Research

Environment and Sustainability:

§ SDEV UN3390 — GIS for Sustainable Development

§ SDEV UN3450 — Spatial Analysis and Modeling for Sustainable Development

Urban Studies:

§ URBS UN2200 — Introduction to GIS Methods