Requirement F

Requirement F is the Urban Studies Senior Seminar.


A year-long, two-semester research seminar, chosen from the following four options:

URBS UN3992-93 — The Built Environment

A course emphasizing the study of the built environment of cities and suburbs. Seminar readings, class presentations, and written reports culminate in a major individual project that combines written work and design work. Readings include material on architecture, urban design, urban planning, and urban history.

URBS UN3994-95 — New York Field Research

Using New York City as a research laboratory, students engage in a social research project from conceptualization to final product. Working individually and in small groups, and under the guidance of the faculty coordinator, students clarify basic theoretical issues related to the research problem; find ways of making a series of empirical questions operational; collect evidence to test hypotheses; analyze the data using a variety of social science techniques; and produce reports of basic findings.

URBS UN3996-97 — International Topics in Urban Studies

A year-long research seminar for students who wish to conduct a senior thesis project that focuses on cities outside of the United States. Topics relating to the rapid urbanization of Latin America, Africa, and Asia are particularly welcome. Seminar meetings include discussions of relevant readings as well as occasional class presentations and peer-editing assignments.

In addition to the courses listed above, you also have the option of completing your two-semester Senior Thesis requirement in the department of your specialization, with approval by the Director.

These are year-long courses; no new students are admitted in the spring.