Study abroad

Many Urban Studies majors opt to take a semester abroad, and those who do are often inspired to write about the cities they visit on their travels. While it's certainly not mandatory, we encourage you to consider the study abroad option as you plan your course track. Keep in mind that whichever section of the Junior Colloquium you miss while abroad, you will be able to take that section during your senior year, concurrently with your Senior Seminar. For more information, contact your advisor, or talk to the Program Director.

Where to begin

Start your search by consulting the study abroad office for your College:

Examples of Study Abroad programs

To give you a better sense of what kinds of programs our majors tend to look for, we've compiled this partial list of programs our students have completed in the past. This is for informational purposes only; we can't endorse or recommend any particular program, nor can we guarantee that any specific program is currently approved by your College.
Last updated 8/9/2018.