New Course : Urban Transportation Revolutions (URBS UN3870)

This course examines the role of transportation technologies on the changing shape of cities. With each new mode, from streetcars to private automobiles, the city has undergone a dramatic reordering by enabling people to access new swaths of undeveloped land on the periphery and fill in vacant sites in existing cities. By tracing these transportation revolutions, we can see new settlement patterns and behaviors emerge. We will draw on classical urban texts from a diverse group of historians, architects, economists, urban planners, geographers, novelists, anthropologists and others to understand how transportation networks shape urban form and everyday life.

What is Urban Studies?

We study the complex problems, institutions, and achievements of city life.
By integrating concepts and methodologies from numerous academic disciplines, our majors develop a deep and nuanced understanding of modern cities and the important political, economic, historical, and cultural forces that shape urban areas. (Read more)


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