Area of Specialization Requirements

Urban Studies Major Requirement D  - Specialization


Course requirements by area of specialization for Barnard students:

Africana Studies

  1. One (1) of the Africana Studies introductory courses, either AFRS BC2004 — Introduction to African Studies, AFRS BC2005 — Caribbean Cultures and Societies, or AFRS BC2006 — Introduction to the African Diaspora

  2. One (1) course on Harlem, e.g. AFRS BC3528 — The Political Economy of Harlem, ENGL BC3196 — Home to Harlem: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance, AFRS BC3550 — Gay Harlem

  3. One (1) Africana Studies colloquium (AFRS BC3110 — Critical Race Theory, Diasporas of the Indian Ocean, and The New Black)

  4. Any two (2) other Africana Studies courses


  1. ANTH UN1002 Interpretation of Culture or ANTH UN1007 Origins of Human Society
  2. Two introductory courses prior to the senior year:
    • ANTH UN3040 Anthropological Theory I
    • ANTH UN3041 Anthropological Theory II
  3. Three electives at the 3000-level or above.


  1. One introductory studio course (either UN1020, UN3101 or UN3103)
  2. Any three history and theory courses
  3. One additional architecture course, either a studio or history/theory.


1. Three required courses:

  • Dance in New York City (DNCE BC2570)

  • Western Theatrical Dance from the Renaissance to the 1960s (DNCE BC3001)

  • World Dance History (DNCE BC2565)

2.Two of the following courses: 

  • Performing the Political: Embodying Change in American Performance (DNCE BC3577)

  • Tap as an American Art Form (DNCE BC2580)

  • Choreography for the American Musical (DNCE BC2575)

  • George Balanchine and the Reinvention of Modern Ballet (DNCE BC3575)

  • Traditions of African-American Dance (DNCE BC3578)

  • Inventing the Contemporary: Dance Since the 1960s (DNCE BC3574)

  • Composition: Site Specific and Experimental Methods (DNCE BC3566)


  1. BC1002 Intro to Microeconomics or BC1003 Intro to Economic Reasoning or UN1155 Principles of Economics
  2. BC3035 or UN3211 Intermediate Microeconomics
  3. UN4228 Urban Economics
  4. Two of the following electives:
  • ECON BC3019 or UN4400 Labor Economics
  • ECON BC3011 Inequality and Poverty
  • ECON BC3012 Economics of Education
  • ECON BC3029 or UN4321 Development Economics
  • ECON W4438 Economics of Race in the U.S.
  • ECON W4465 Public Economics


Please see Education Program website for Urban Teaching specialization requriements.


A minimum of five English courses, three of which must be qualifying Barnard or Columbia courses:

  1. One from either Chaucer (ENGL BC3154 or 3155), Shakespeare (ENTH BC3136, ENGL BC3163 or 3164), or Milton (ENGL BC3167.)
  2. Two additional courses in literature before 1900, including ENTH BC3137, certain seminar courses from ENGL BC3129 through ENGL BC3137 if the seminar topic is historically appropriate (please check with the English Department), ENGL BC3141, and ENGL BC3154 – 3180. (For more details, visit the English department's Substitutions page.)
  3. Two electives from ENGL BC3103 – 3810 (excluding 3191.) 

Environmental Science

Five EESC, SDEV or EEEB courses, including as least 3 classes at the 3000 level or above.  Consult the Environmental Science Department with questions about additional course selections.


Four courses in an area of concentration (for example American History or European History) and one course outside of the area of concentration. At least one of these three courses must be a seminar.

Political Science

Any five Political Science courses.


Five courses in Psychology (at least three credits each) plus a 1.5 credit laboratory section.

Courses must include:

  • PSYC BC1001 Introduction to Psychology;
  • BC1101 & 1102 Statistics;
  • and one lecture course chosen from the groups (A, B, and C) listed for the major.

Substitutions can be made with permission of the Psychology Department chair.

Public Health

Any five of the following courses:

  • HIST W3437 Poisoned Worlds: Corporate Behavior and Public Health
  • Human Rights BC3850 Human Rights and Public Health
  • Public Health UN2950 Social History of American Public Health
  • PUBH UN3100 Fundamentals of Global Health
  • PUBH W3200 Introduction to Public Health
  • PUBH P6020 Foundations of Public Health


Any five Religion courses.


  1. SOCI BC1000 The Social World
  2. Any four 3000-level courses